The WEM releases SPTC to fulfill the concept of low-carbon Expo

Source:World Expo Museum     

The WEM’s commemorative edition of Shanghai Public Transportation Card (SPTC) (2017 edition) was successfully released on May 1, the first opening day of the WEM, with the support of Shanghai Public Traffic Card Co., Ltd. (SPTCC), in order to fulfill the concept of low-carbon Expo, support green travel, and show the development and innovation of Shanghai during post-Expo period at the same time.


One the front side of the STPC is the aerial view of the WEM. The unique architecture, Expo Flag Plaza and the cityscape on the two sides of the Huangpu River are all covered in the picture. On the back side of the SPTC is the night view of the WEM’s main entrance, floating a modern sense against the background of gorgeous lights. In addition, the core values of the WEM of “Comprehension, Communication, Congregation and Cooperation” are also presented on the SPTC.

The “Low Carbon Practice” at Expo 2010 Shanghai was a pioneering work in Expo history, and a brilliant exhibition of the world’s “low-carbon development”. The WEM will continue to low carbon environmental protection concept and support green travel.

The commemorative card is coded with the start letter “U”, and used in more than a dozen of cities in and around Shanghai (the specific cities are subject to the official information released by SPTCC). The audience who want to buy the SPTC can consult with SPTC’sCommemorative Card Sales Outlets.