Prints Across Generations——Printmaking Art and Expo Printmaking Works Exhibition

  As an important category of visual art, printmaking is a kind of art made by using"plate"as a medium. Early printmaking mainly refers to woodcut originated in China.Later, different materials were used to make prints, which expanded the extension of print. Copper intaglio, lithography, sik screenprinting and soon appeared one after another.

  The close relationship between printmaking and World Expo can be traced back to the industrial revolution. Showing the realistic skils of traditional European arts and exquisite printmaking technology. Carrying immeasurable culture information, printmaking art has created a precedent of image reproduction and plays an unparalleled important role in the communication history of world civilization, which is consistent with the characteristics of the World Expo.

  Covering more than 200 Chinese and western print works,our exhibition introduces the historical development of printmaking, displays the prints about World Expo and popularizes all kinds of printmaking technology. Each print work has a long history and carries rich information. Through the window of the World Expo,not only can we have a more vivid understanding of printmaking as an art

  category, but also we can get a more in-depth interpretation of the communication commonness between the Expo and print.

  Date: August 18 - October 18, 2020