Read the World- Exhibition of Expo Historical Documentations

  "Read the World- Exhibition of Expo Historical Documentations " will be held from December 11, 2019 to February 9, 2020(Postponed to June 30 because of Covid-19) in the temporary exhibition hall 1, with an exhibition area of 1,027 square meters. The exhibition consists of four units: Expos Described by Pens, Expos in Painting and Crafts, Art Across the Globe, and Composing the Future. Exhibited more than 300 exhibits, spanning more than a hundred years since the World Expo was born, and the language covers Chinese, English, French, Italian, and even Czech, Hungary and other languages, categories include official reports, certificates of merit, news pictorials, travel journals, design drawings, novels, scores, recipes, etc. It showcased the exchanges and mutual learning of eight industries such as transportation, architecture, art at the World Expo, and demonstrated the common aspirations of people from all over the world to share a beautiful and pursuit of progress and work together to create a great journey for a bright future.