International Poster Exhibition Opens As Part of the "Energizing the Future - Expo 2017 Astana Exhibition"

date | 2018-12-18 Source | World Expo Museum

  Posters by Chinese and international designers

  On December 14, an International Poster Exhibition opened as part of the opening ceremony for the "Energizing the Future: Expo 2017 Astana Exhibition" at the World Expo Museum. In response to the theme “Future Energy” of Expo 2017 Astana and to support the “Energizing the Future – Expo 2017 Astana Exhibition”, the World Expo Museum invited domestic and international designers to create new posters. The museum has received more than 50 works from Chinese and international designers, including 68 print posters and 10 multimedia posters from China, Germany, Belarus, Croatia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and the USA.

  Vicente G. Loscertales, Secretary General of the BIE, viewing the International Poster Exhibition: Energizing the Future.

  International Poster Exhibition: Energizing the Future -

  These works represent the contemplations of designers from their own perspectives which are expressed through creative combinations of lines, colors, graphics, sounds and videos. The print and multimedia posters embody their thoughts on "energy" and their outlook of "future".

  Liu Xiuhua, curator of the World Expo Museum, said that WEM is an open museum that respects creativity and shares innovations. For this special exhibition, WEM has invited designers to anticipate the future trends through innovative thinking. This is not only the responsibility of WEM, but also the unique charm of World Expos.

  Xiang Xinrong, a co-founder of the exhibition, is grateful to more than 50 graphic designers from around the world who participate to this special exhibition. Their works are original creations based on the theme of Expo 2017. It not only continues the influence of the Expo in Astana, but also the first partnership between WEM and the international graphic design community on thematic creation.

  Ruan Hongjie, one of the curators, said that “Energizing the Future” is a particularly good theme for the Expo 2017 Astana Exhibition. The “Future Energy” is crucial to everyone, and it is also a societal trend that every designer should take care of. He said he hoped visitors would love the posters and think about the future of energy.

  The “Energizing the Future” International Poster Exhibition will last one month. The organizers said that the most popular posters will be collected as exhibits of WEM after the exhibition.