Speech of Anca Anghel

date | 2018-12-14 Source | World Expo Museum


  14 DECEMBER 2018

  Anca Anghel

  Bureau International des Expositions


  Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Distinguished Guests,

  We are delighted to be here today at the World Expo Museum for the opening of this special exhibition dedicated to Expo 2017 Astana.

  Entitled “Energizing the Future”, this six-part exhibition is the fruit of cooperation between the organising body of Expo 2017 Astana and the World Expo Museum, with the support of international participants who kindly donated their exhibits.

  With over 600 items coming from more than 40 participants, this exhibition represents a vivid legacy of Expo 2017.

  It carries forward the spirit of cooperation built around the theme of Expo -“Future Energy”– one that united 115 countries and 22 international organisations.

  The exhibition features the achievements of the Expo, which was a catalyst not only for the Capital of Kazakhstan with the creation of its Future Energy Museum, International Finance Centre and Technology Park, but also for the whole country and region.

  This carefully curated collection pays tribute to the innovations introduced at the Expo. It addresses the theme and the variety of solutions presented in Astana. It reinforces the role of Expo 2017 in educating the public about securing safe and reliable energy access for all. It shares its values and prolongs its sustainable principles.

  Through this journey into the Expo, we are very pleased to see the most successful Specialised Expo to date featured alongside the great Expos of the past.

  Through this Expo, we are delighted to witness the World Expo Museum taking on its full role in preserving the legacy of all Expos. As such, the World Expo Museum fully demonstrates its status as an international institution that represents the diversity of Expo themes and perpetuates the connections they have created.

  And so,we would like to extend our gratitude to the initiators and partners in the arrangement of this Exhibition, and lastly, may we wish a very enjoyable visit to you all, and a huge success for the Exhibition.

  Thank you.