“Innovation, Cooperation and Development – World Expo Towards Future”The First World Expo Forum for Development & International Cooperation Opens in Shanghai

date | 2018-12-14 Source | World Expo Museum



  From December 13 to 14, the first World Expo Forum for Developmentand International Cooperation:“Innovation, Cooperation and Development --World Expo Towards Future” was held in Shanghai. Under the auspice of China Trade Promotion Council, Shanghai Municipal People's Government, and the BIE, the Forum was co-organized by China International Chamber of Commerce and World Expo Museum.

  In recent years, driven by the new wave of technological and industrial revolution, the influence of World Expos has increased day by day. After Expo 2017 Astana, Expo 2025 will be held in Osaka after intense competition. The cause of World Expos has entered a new era. The Forum examined the developments of World Expos, analyzed their impact on public diplomacy and trade and investment promotion, and offered new ideas and suggestions on how China can strengthen international cooperation and renew its opening up program.


  Gao Yan, Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

  Gao Yan, Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, gave a speech at the forum, emphasizing the role of World Expos as a platform for building the community of shared future. The other guests of honor included Vicente G. Secretary General of the BIE, Xu Kunlin, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's Government, Zhou Hanmin, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Shanghai, and Hong Hao, Chairman of WEM Council. Yin Zonghua, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, chaired the opening ceremony of the Forum.

  Chairman Gao Yan said that, in today's world, economic globalization has gained a strong momentum. To achieve the goals of economic and social development, countries must depend on each other.Their interests are intertwined, and a community of shared future has taken shape. Win-win cooperation is the inevitable path towards common prosperity. Chinese President Xi Jinping has proposed the initiative of building a community of shared future on many important international occasions, and the initiative has been recognized and accepted by more and more countries and people. The initiative also falls within the scope of the mission of World Expos: to promote cooperation and peaceful development. Chairman Gao Yan pointed out that, in the new era, we must use the Expo platform to promote open cooperation, promote innovation and development, promote trade and investment, promote people-to-people understanding, and create a better future for mankind. China has always been a faithful supporter and active participant in World Expos. Through organizing a World Expo and participating in many other, we’ve showcased the new achievements of China in an all-round manner, including the outcome of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development. World Expos have helped us expand exchange and cooperation with other countries and demonstrated the bright prospect of building a community of shared future. China will continue to implement the national strategy of opening up and become an active builder of a community of shared future by strengthening exchanges and cooperation with other member states of the BIE. We believe cooperation is a crucial path to create a better future for mankind.


  V. G. Loscertales, Secretary General of the BIE

  In his speech, V. G. Loscertales said that the theme of this forum,"Innovation, Cooperation and Development: World Expo towards the Future", reflects the values and significance of World Expos. For the World Expo Museum, this forum is a major milestone in its short history. It consolidates its position as a global center for international dialogue and exchange around World Expos. It is also a vibrant knowledge center. For World Expos, the museum offers a valuable opportunity to review, update and scale up the shared ideas and practices displayed in these great events to create the dynamism to go forward. It represents the responsibility of the BIE to promote global debate and develop common practices, promote cooperation and encourage education.

  He said that World Expos are unique urban stages for displaying and advancing diversity and communication, architecture and design, technology and innovation, education and culture. World Expos provide unique opportunities to improve international relations and consolidate international solidarity. As a large event that attracts millions of visitors, each World Expo is a large forum for public diplomacy and multilateral dialogue. As a powerful catalyst for urban transformation, World Expos have shaped the development of cities by creating new public spaces, promoting local growth, and advocating new urban way of life. Including large-scale infrastructure investment, creation of new urban areas and local development, the impacts of World Expos are strongly felt by all citizens before, during and after the event. In terms of architecture and urban space development, Word Expos also build open laboratories to foster creativity and encourage bold and creative architects and designers to experiment with new forms, shapes and styles. Showing new products, exploring new markets and expanding trade relations were the core missions of early World Expos. Since then, although World Expos have grown to cover a wider range of areas, innovation and business opportunities remain the drivers behind these global events. As a forward-thinking enterprise, World Expos in the 21st Century are not designed to display methods currently available, but also to incubate ideas for the future. Looking forward, we must envision better quality of life in a more harmonious society and a healthier planet. World Expos also provide a unique national branding platform for countries around the world. They help countries attract the attention of a wide spectrum of international audience and translate the interests of foreign communities into understanding and appreciation. By bringing together hundreds of countries and millions of visitors from around the world, World Expos promote cultural exchanges and build new connections between the public, institutions and governments. For World Expo visitors, cultural activities and international contacts create an unparalleled educational experience. Every World Expo visitor will embark on an immersive journey into the theme and around the world. A World Expo is a great place to discover the cultural wealth and vitality of people and nations. Every World Expo is a unique experience and a cultural product of the time. Talking to anyone who has visited a World Expo, you will hear different stories and different interpretations of the theme. Anyway, it is an occasion of sharing ideas, building connections and promoting dialogue and interaction.


  Xu Kunlin, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Municipal People's Government

  Xu Kunlin said that World Expos are grand events to share social, economic, cultural and scientific achievements of all countries. They embody the shared commitment to communication, promoting mutual assistance and cooperation and enhancing mutual understanding. They outline the road towards shared development and progress, express the will and determination of mankind to unite and work together to address common challenges ahead of them. The successful and unforgettable Expo 2010 Shanghai was not only a milestone in the history of World Expos, but also generated a powerful driving force for Shanghai’s development through opening up and innovation. Expo 2010 Shanghai concluded more than eight years ago, but its spiritual legacy has not ended. It has fused into all dimensions of the city's growth and offered the direction for its future development. It has helped Shanghai accelerate its journey toward an excellent global city and a city reputed for its innovation, culture and ecology. In the future, Shanghai will maintain close ties with the BIE and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, participate in future World Expos in various ways, and conduct extensive dialogues and cooperation with members of the World Expo family. Shanghai will also share its experience and achievements with organizers and bidding candidates of future World Expos, extol and promote the spirit of World Expos, and help promote international exchanges, innovative development and cooperation on the Expo platform.


  Hong Hao, Chairman of the World Expo Museum Council

  In his speech, Hong Hao said that the World Expo Museum is an important joint initiative of the Chinese government and BIE to strengthen all-round cooperation. Co-sponsored by the city of Shanghai and the BIE, it is the only official museum and official documentation center of the BIE and will play an active role in passing on the World Expo heritage and expanding the World Expo effect. Following the core values of “understanding, communication, gathering and cooperation” of World Expos, the World Expo Museum is committed to building a platform for global cultural exchanges. We will b come a center for exhibition, promotion, education, training and research around World Expos. It will offer comprehensive services for the international community. Shanghai and the BIE will strengthen exchanges, deepen cooperation and integrate resources through its Council to help the Museum better play its role as the official museum and official documentation center of the BIE. It will also become a service for the international community, a center for training, academic research, exchange and cultural display, and the World Expo family will further share their Expo experience, spread the Expo concept, and promote international exchanges and cooperation around World Expos.


  Yin Zonghua, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, chairs the forum

  At the forum, representatives of the organizers of Expo 2008 Zaragoza, Expo 2010 Shanghai, Expo 2017 Astana, Expo 2020 Dubai, Expo 2025 Osaka and member states of the BIE, the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician He Jingtang, Harvard University professor Joan Busquets, delegates of diplomatic envoys and business associations in China, as well as officials of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture joined the heated discussions on the development of World Expos and reached a broad consensus.



  After discussing the key topics of "World Expos and International Cooperation","World Expos and Urban Design","World Expos and Economy and Innovation" and "World Expos and Culture", the forum participants agreed that World Expos can facilitate public diplomacy, help build a community of shared future, promote urban development and advance technology, innovation, creative design, people-to-people exchanges. We must make full use of the Expo platform to promote open cooperation, drive innovation, promote trade and investment, promote mutual understanding and win-win cooperation in the global community.


  Model of Expo 2020 Dubai Site


  Rendering of Expo 2020 Dubai Site

  The forum also included the road show for China participation in Expo 2020 Dubai. At the forum, China Pavilion released the list of its corporate and media partners, including iFlytech, Xinhuanet, People.com and China.com. At the same time, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade stated that China will participate in Expo 2020 Dubai with a standalone pavilion to be built on a plot of 4,636 square meters in the “Opportunity” theme area.

  In the meantime, the WEM also hosted a promotion meeting for Expo 2019 Beijing, a review exhibition of Expo 2017 Astana, the Expo Design Seminar, theconference concerning local participation in the Expo and the WEM Council meeting.