A Survey of the Expo 2010 Shanghai China


Category: International Registered Exhibition 
Site: central part of Shanghai along both banks of the Huangpu River (between the Nanpu Bridge and the westward of Lupu Bridge)  
Area: 5.28 km2 
Duration: from May 1, 2010 to Oct. 31, 2010 
Visitors: 73.08 million 
Participants: 246 countries and international organizations, including 190 countries, 56 international organizations; 80 Urban Best Practices Areas Pavilions (showcasing development of international cities); 18 Corporate Pavilions (built by 25 enterprises).

  With the theme of "Better City, Better Life", participants of Expo Shanghai 2010 displayed urban civilization to the full extent, exchanged their experiences of urban development, disseminated advanced notions on cities and explored new approaches to human habitat, lifestyle and working conditions in the new century. In this way, they vividly demonstrated how to create an eco-friendly society and maintain a sustainable development of human beings.

  In the Expo site, based on their understanding of urban theme, participants meticulously designed pavilions and planned exhibition content. Each pavilion has its own unique charm. The site for 2010 Shanghai Expo was divided into five functional zones, namely, Zone A, B, C, D and E, among which, the former three and the latter two are located at Pudong and Puxi area respectively. Specifically, Zone A mainly hosted Asian national pavilions, Zone B Urbanian, City Being and Urban Planet, Pavilions of Asian and Oceanian countries and international Organizations, Zone C European, American and African national pavilions, Zone D Urban Footprints and Corporate Pavilions, Zone E Urban Future, Corporate Pavilions and Urban Best Practices Areas, etc.

[ Bidding Process ]

  • In December 1999, on the 126th plenary General Assembly of the BIE, the Chinese government officially announced its bidding to host the 2010 World Expo.
  • On March 17, 2000, the Chinese government set up the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Bidding Committee, chaired by State Councilor Wu Yi.
  • In May 2001, the Chinese government submitted the application letter for 2010 Shanghai World Expo to the BIE through diplomatic channels.
  • January 30, 2002, the Chinese government submitted the 2010 Shanghai World Expo bidding report to the BIE.
  • From November 29th to December 5th, 2002, Li Lanqing, then a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council, headed the Chinese delegation to participate in the 132nd General Assembly of BIE and presented the bidding statements.
  • December 3, 2002, voted by the General Assembly of BIE, China won the bid to host the World Expo in 2010.


[ Emblem ]
Taking the shape of the Chinese character for “world”("世"), the Expo emblem represents three people–you, me, him/her– holding hands together and symbolizes the happy family of mankind. It conveys the Expo's concept of “comprehension, communication, congregation, and cooperation”, highlighting the human-centric aspiration of the Expo 2010 Shanghai.


[ Mascot ]

Haibao literally means the treasure of the sea. Created from the Chinese character for people(人), the mascot embodies the characteristics of Chinese culture and echoes with the designing concept of the Expo emblem. The name "HaiBao" is catchy, echoes with the color of its body and is a typical lucky name in Chinese folk culture. Furthermore, "Haibao" is inextricably linked with its image and has auspicious connotations.


[ Volunteer Logo ]

The main body of the Expo logo stands for the Chinese character for heart("心"), the English letter "V" and a dove of peace carrying an olive branch. It not only embodies the characteristics of Chinese culture, but also shapes the image of an attentive and warmhearted volunteer. "V" is the first letter of "Volunteer", stands for the group the logo represented and gives a clear meaning to it; flying dove stands for Shanghai, also symbolizes peace and friendship, olive branch stands for sustainable development and hope and conveys the Expo theme -"Better City, Better Life".


[ State Pavilion/ Theme Day List ]

    Date                   State Pavilion Day/ Honor Day of International Organizations
 May 5  Albania  May 20  INBAR
 May 6  Israel  May 21  Austria
 May 7  Sierra Leone  May 22  Poland
 May 8  Brunei / Red Cross and Red Crescent/International Federation  May 23  Sweden
 May 9  Bosnia-Herzegovena/World Meteorological Day/Honor Day of EU  May 24  Montenegro
 May 12  SPTO/PIF  May 25  Eritrea
 May 14  Malta  May 26  South Korea
 May 15  Croatia  May 27  Finland
 May 17  Czech/ITU  May 28  Norway
 May 18  Netherlands/ICOM  May 30  Madagascar
 May 19  Germany  May 31  Mali
 June 1  Myanmar  June 16  Congo-Brazzaville
 June 2  Italy  June 17  Ireland
 June 3  Brazil/AU  June 18  Seychelles/Business Forum of French-speaking Countries
 June 4  San Marino  June 19  Greece
 May 6  Kazakhstan/WWF  June 20  Turkey
 June 6  Portugal  June 21  France
 June 7  Paraguay  June 22  Lebanon
 June 8  Australia  June 23  D.R.Congo
 June 9  Philippines/WTCA  June 24  Slovenia
 June 10  Argentina  June 25  Mozambique
 June 11  Iran  June 26  Somalia/ WWC
 June 12  Japan  June 27  Serbia
 June 13  Belgium/European Union  June 28  Cambodia
 June 14  Bulgaria  June 29  Denmark
 June 15  Shanghai Cooperation Organization Pavilion  June 30  Djibouti
 July 1  Canada  July 17  Caribbean Community
 July 2  The USA  July 18  Sri Lanka
 July 3  Burundi  July 19  Mauritania
 July 4  Rwanda  July 20  Salvador / Global Environment Facility
 May 7  Venezuela  July 21  Botswana
 July 6  Comoros  July 22  Oman / WTO
 July 7  Tanzania  July 23  Egypt
 July 8  Ghana  July 24  Senegal
 July 9  New Zealand  July 25  Jordan
 July 11  Sudan  July 26  Cuba
 July 12  Kiribati  July 27  Solomon Islands
 July 13  East Timor  July 28  Peru
 July 14  Malawi  July 29  Romania
 July 15  Maldives  July 30  Gabon
 July 16  Columbia  July 31  Algeria
 August 1  Samoa  August 17  Marshall Islands
 August 2  Tonga  August 17  India
 August 3  Niger  August 17  Afghanistan
 August 4  Kirghizstan  August 20  Togo
 May 8  Cook Islands  August 21  Nigeria
 August 6  Fiji  August 22  Hungary
 August 7  Singapore   August 23  Liberia
 August 8  Côte d'Ivoire  August 24  Ukraine
 August 8  South Africa  August 25  Uruguay
 August 10  Chad  August 26  Namibia
 August 11  Zimbabwe  August 28  Cyprus / UITP
 August 12  Switzerland  August 29  Micronesia
 August 13  Bolivia  August 30  Spain
 August 14  Ecuador  August 31  Uzbekistan
 August 16  Panama / Equatorial Guinea    
 September 1  Liechtenstein / Mauritius  September 16  Mexico
 September 2  Vietnam  September 17  Papua New Guinea
 September 3  Nepal  September 18  Chile
 September 4  Slovakia  September 19  Tunisia
 May 9  Thailand  September 20  Bengal
 September 6  North Korea  September 21  Armenia
 September 7  Macedonia  September 22  Tajikistan
 September 8  The UK DEVNET  September 23  Saudi Arabia
 September 9  Kenya / Boao Forum  September 24  Guiné Bissau
 September 10  Ethiopia  September 25  Central Africa
 September 11  Iceland  September 26  Angola
 September 12  Malaysia / Moldova  September 27  United Arab Emirates
 September 13  Mongolia  September 28  Russia
 September 14  Nicaragua  September 29  Libya
 September 15  Guatemala  September 30  Morocco
 October 1  China  October 16  Palestine / Iraq
 October 2  Guinea  October 17  Arabia / Syria
 October 3  Cameroon  October 18  Estonia
 October 4  Lesotho  October 19  Niue
 October 5  Dominica  October 20  Qatar
 October 6  Benin  October 21  Latvia
 October 7  Monaco  October 22  Bahrain
 October 8  Vanuatu Cape Verde  October 23  Palau
 October 9  Uganda  October 24  Zambia / United Nations
 October 10  Luxembourg  October 25  Lithuania
 October 11  Belarus  October 26  Nauru
 October 12  Laos  October 27  Honduras
 October 13  Tuvalu  October 28  Georgia
 October 14  Yemen  October 29  Costa Rica The 4th AVE Conference
 October 15  Azerbaijan  October 30  Award Ceremony of BIE