The Legal Statement of the Official Webpage of World Expo Museum

1. Intellectual Property Rights

  All ownership rights pertaining to the contents in this website, including but not limited to texts, images, logo, ideas and software, are owned by the official website of the World Expo Museum (WEM) and the information/content providers of this website shall be protected by both Chinese and international laws of intellectual property rights. This website enjoys the exclusive rights to reproduce (i.e., collect, combine or recombine) the contents in this website which shall be protected by Chinese laws and the law of intellectual rights. All the information in this website may only be reprinted with prior permission and the source shall be acknowledged.

2. Information Post

  The WEM’s official website ( is for legitimate purposes only, namely data review, online consulting and interactive communication.

  1. The information posted shall not include incomplete or false information. Once any user violates relevant rules, this website shall reserve the right to suspend or terminate the user’s service.
  2. The information posted in this website shall not be in breach of these regulations, provisions, administrative measures and other laws of national and local governments on the internet information safety. 
  3. The user shall be solely responsible for the interpretations to the content of information he/she has posted, and shall be solely liable to any consequences and legal responsibilities incurred.
  4. This website is entitled to use all the information posted on the webpage, and shall reserve the rights to manage and delete the information posted.
  5. Users are forbidden to use the information in this website for other purposes without this website’s authorization.

3. User’s Privacy    

  This website protects user’s privacy. The WEM’s official website will not made public or disclose to any third party the user’s registered data and non-public information stored in the website platform without legal authorization from the user, unless in the following situations:

  1. Leakage of the non-public information due to the user’s improper storage of his/her data; 2) Data leakage, loss, misuse or falsification due to network cable failure, hacker’s attack, computer virus or governmental regulation and other causes; 3) Personal data required by laws or the WEM’s official website administration. 4) Emergency cases to safeguard the safety and interests of users and the public.

4. Termination of Services   

  The WEM’s official website has the right to determine whether user’s behavior conforms to the rights and interests as defined in these service clauses. In case that the official website determines the user to be in breach of these service clauses, the official website has the right to immediately terminate the user’s services and delete his/her user data.

5. Disclaimer  

  1. This website shall not guarantee that the free services provided will not be modified, interrupted, delayed, nor shall it guarantee that user’s data will be absolutely complete and safe. This website shall not be liable for the modification, interruption, termination, delay of user services or any loss of user’s data.
  2. This website only guarantee the authenticity, legality and correctness of the information it released, but shall not guarantee the authenticity, legality and correctness of the information posted by other users rather than the website itself. A visitor must, at his own discretion, verify such information and assume the risks arising from use of the information. Furthermore, this website shall not be liable for any loss or responsibilities due to the false information posted by other users rather than the website itself.