Chairman of WEM

  Welcome to the official website of the World Expo Museum. 

  Themed as "Better City, Better Life", the World Expo 2010 Shanghai has fully demonstrated urban civilization, exchanged best practices in urban development, spread the management philosophies of the world’s top cities and explored the possibility of interactive urban and rural development. It was a resounding success in the history of the World Expo as it fulfilled its mission of displaying major achievements of global civilization in a grand scale. The World Expo 2010 does not belong to Shanghai alone, but also to China and even the whole world. It is thanks to the joint efforts of the organizers, exhibitors, visitors and the BIE community that the event became so successful, splendid and unforgettable. 

  Today, the Shanghai Municipal Government and the BIE are working together again to build the World Expo Museum so as to pass down the Expo legacy and carry forward the Expo spirit and splendor. The World Expo Museum will collect exhibits from previous Expos, promote the World Expo to the international community and carry out Expo-related researches. It will also create a platform for the international exchanges with regard to the World Expo. 

  As co-building partners, both the Shanghai Municipal Government and the BIE attach great importance to the World Expo Museum. The BIE has authorized the World Expo Museum to be the exclusive official museum and documentation center of BIE, while the Shanghai Municipal Government has rated the World Expo Museum as a major cultural facility construction project in the "Twelfth Five-year Plan" of the municipality. 

  To our greatest delight, the construction of World Expo Museum has also won wide recognition and generous support from the big family of World Expo. We’ve been receiving immediate support and active cooperation from the exhibitors who have participated in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo to the organizers and exhibitors of the latest Expo during our early work of collecting exhibits. They have not only made great contributions to the establishment of the World Expo Museum but also well expressed the shared aspiration of the World Expo community to "inherit the Expo legacy" and "enhance the Expo spirit". 

  As the Shanghai World Expo is a worldwide event, the World Expo Museum is also an international museum open to the whole world. Through the construction of the World Expo Museum, Shanghai wishes to work with all the Expo organizers and exhibitors in sharing experiences and achievements so as to push forward the undertakings of World Expo together. 

  I sincerely hope that all of you would love and support the World Expo Museum, and the international Expo family will join hands with the World Expo Museum to preserve and spread the Expo legacy and promote further growth of the World Expo ! 

Director of WEM

  Thank you for visiting the official website of the World Expo Museum.

  The World Expo Museum is a joint venture between the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). It will be China’s first international museum as well as the world's first and only Expo museum authorized by BIE. It is not only a cultural landmark commemorating important events in history, but also an innovative museum in Shanghai and China.

  As a brand new future-oriented museum, the World Expo Museum has the following features:

  It will showcase the past and future of the World Expo through multidimensional exhibits. The World Expo Museum will portray the World Expo as the “sources of innovation” and a “window to the world” by displaying the past, present and future of the World Expo. Visitor to the World Expo Museum will have a clear picture of the history of the World Expo, which has its origins in the Great Exhibition 1851 and has been a witness to the development of human civilization. In addition, they can learn about the splendor of future Expos, get in touch with the latest philosophy and ideas for global development, and experience the diversity of global cultures.

  It employs a wide range of exhibition methods and techniques that highlight interactive participation and in-depth experience on the part of visitors. In contrast to the dominant yet static exhibition organized by traditional museums, the exhibition design at the World Expo Museum will follow the philosophy of the World Expo, and create forward-looking, innovative and interactive shows on the back of modern technologies such as the multimedia presentations, which allows the visitors to get more involved in the exhibition.

  The World Expo Museum offers multilayered public services to help visitors participate in urban events and academic exchanges. As Shanghai’s new cultural facility for the public, the World Expo Museum will strive to strengthen its position as a public cultural platform. The museum will set up public spaces including a public library, a youth center, an auditorium, and a cloud experience center to help the public participate in global academic and cultural exchanges and launch public cultural activities.

  The World Expo Museum is also home to the official documentation and research center of the BIE. It will launch studies on the history of the World Expo and its themes on the basis of its World Expo Library and its acclaimed expert panel, which will provide the genes for the future development of the World Expo and offer innovative ideas for the urbanization of Shanghai and China in the future.

  I hope all of you can learn more about the World Expo Museum after visiting this official website, and contact us for further exchanges of ideas with us. With your support, the World Expo Museum will ultimately grow into a showcase of the achievements of the Expo, a window into the bright future of the world, and a cultural center for gathering and socializing.